Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspirational Romance

That says it all. I love the inspirational romance genre where the love of a man is honest, lasting and self sacrificial. It is not obsessive or possessive. It is not infatuation, nor lust, but heroic. In other words true romance.

Sometimes, as they say, the course of true love never runs smoothly. This must happen in novels. If the hero and heroine met, fell in love at first sight, then married...end of story.

Oh no, we want them to experience some drastic situations before they can overcome them. We want some conflict. Maybe even with each other. We want to see growing attraction. We want to feel some passion, not overt, but controlled. We want to see some deepening of character as they face adversity. We want to see them struggle in their faith as they try to live it out, no matter the situation. We want to empathize when they make mistakes...big ones. In other words, we want them to be real, like us, not goody-goodies who float through life. Yes, we want our every emotion to be stirred and uplifted in our spirits.

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