Friday, May 27, 2011

Tribute to Stellie Vi

I always feel nostalgic in May because of Stellie Vi's birthday. Born Stella Violet Kinnear, she was always a doer. And the one strength I've inherited from her is perseverance.

When my dad died she took a job in Qantas Catering to make ends meet. But after three years,
Bill Masterton, who had also lost his wife, became the love of her life. They clicked immediately. And I think the whole church enjoyed watching their courtship develop. It was such a happy time, I felt like a mother advising her daughter as their relationship deepened. I guess it was extra special to me because dear Bill had been my Sunday School teacher.

Bill was a softly spoken man but his voice could boom out on occasions. A voracious reader, he loved poetry and could quote reams of his favorite poems by heart. He was a navy cartographer and enjoyed squiring my mother to navy receptions. Oh, the whole thing was pure romance!

When they decided to marry, their best friends opened their house for the wedding ceremony and the  reception. As matron of honour, my biggest fear was that I'd burst into tears with the emotion of it all, but as it happened, I was just too happy for them both. Stellie's gown was a gorgeous jade green and brought out the same shade in her hazel eyes. With love radiating from her whole being, I think she made the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. She glowed!

Since they've both gone to be with the Lord after almost twenty years together, I often shed a tear over the beautiful cards and letters Bill would write to her, even though they were never apart. And one tender line he wrote I included in my book which will be published this coming September. It's this....."My darling, we have something special that no one, no distance, no time can take away; we have each other."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Darren, George, Jess & Baby Shaniqua
That's what they say, but does it work out in real life? According to a South Australian father and son, it really has.

Darren first came to the Lord as a young child, under my husband's ministry. The combined churches crusade was held in an Adelaide Shopping Mall. He later made a commitment as an adult and following that went to study at the Capernwray Bible College in Canada. As many young people do today, Darren found his soul mate, Jess, on the Internet.

At the time, Jess actually lived in Sydney, Australia, but originally came from South America. Although separated and oceans apart, these keen young Christians felt secure in the knowledge that the Lord had led them together and they married on Darren's return. In time the Lord blessed them with a beautiful baby girl.

Now Darren's dad, Jim, had Irish/Scottish parents and he was born in Chicago, Illinois. When his mum died, he was only two, and some time later his dad remarried and migrated with his family to Australia. In his twenties Jim found a common bond with Betty as both attended their Church's youth group. These young people travelled around to minister in country areas. But with stricter upbringing in those days, pressure was brought to bear and they broke up their friendship. With sore hearts each prayed that if they were meant to be together, God would show them clearly. Many months passed, and then a further two years of separation as Jim attended Emmaus Bible College. Yet their love grew stronger and after they finally married, they felt the call to grow churches. And during some forty years of marriage and tough times in ministry they say the Lord taught them "stickability". They have proved over and over that as they brought everything to God in prayer they could persevere in His Strength.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is God Interested in Who We Marry?

Still making harmony after thirty years
Al & Judy would say Yes, Amen, and Hallelujah!

Each had a desire to find the partner that God would have for them. Judy was a country pastor's daughter, who moved with her parents each time her dad was called to a new country pastorate. Yet all the while Al lived near the seaside. So these two Aussies were very far removed from each other.

Judy has an outgoing personality and chose a career in teaching. Al will tell you he was quite an introvert as a young boy, yet the Lord led him into a position as Human Resources Manager of a nationwide Mens' Clothing store. When Judy lived alone, she would spend each Sunday afternoon praying for the Lord to let her find someone to love. It wasn't easy to watch, as her friends, one by one, got married and began a new life together. Al also asked the Lord to lead him to the one who would be willing to share her life with him. But it didn't seem to be happening. So what finally brought them together?

The Lord used their musical gifts to link them. Al was fully involved with a Baptist Youth Choir and then The Young World Singers group which regularly appeared for four years on Australian Christian Television. After his stint with them he became involved with leading choirs by invitation in various churches. By this time Judy had moved to the Blue Mountains and at the same time a combined churches choir was formed for the specific purpose of performing a half hour of Easter Hymns on ABC radio. And there she met Al.

A couple of months later Al asked Judy to dinner, and as Judy says, "It was as if we had known each other forever! He was a keen Christian, and that was most important to me. He was a singer and I was a pianist. God's choice and timing was perfect!"

And she goes on to say, "After thirty years and four wonderful sons later, we can only thank the Lord for His abundant blessings. He has done more than I could imagine even in my wildest dreams. We share the closest and most amazing life together. We have gone through life's problems and difficulties, but know the Lord is daily molding us into His Likeness"

Friday, May 6, 2011

True Love - A Mother's Search

Shadowed in Silk  Book Cover
Unmarried and heartbroken, Christine gave birth to a little girl she named Sarah. Because she wanted her baby to have a father and a mother, she made the hardest decision of her life. She relinquished the child for adoption through a Christian organization, and discovered Sarah was adopted by a godly couple. She also believed that one day the Lord would bring her back in some way.

She decided to help out with youth at her local church and eventually met David, a young man assigned to be the Student Pastor. Naturally they were thrown together quite a bit, but time passed and on the anniversary of her child's first birthday she could barely hold her emotions in check. This young man saw her distress and handed her a card with comforting words from the Bible.

Christine says she was trying to envision her child in a high chair playing with a piece of birthday cake, but she couldn't even imagine what she looked like now. And she also wondered did the parents ever think of her. But being closed adoption in those days, it was impossible to meet with them. But the Lord impressed on her heart that He knew her pain. Several months later David asked her to marry him. With pounding heart she told him she had something to say first, and if, after hearing it he still wanted to, he could propose again.

Christine Lindsay
In stumbling words, she told him about giving birth to a daughter and then giving her up for adoption. He grew very sad and placed his arms about her. "I'm sorry, Chris, I got here too late. If only I'd met you when you were having her, you'd never have had to give her up."  Those beautiful words healed the hurt she'd been hiding all that time. His attitude was one of true Christian grace.

The Lord blessed them with three children of their own, yet David encouraged her to keep loving and searching for her birth daughter. And when Sarah turned twenty they were reunited. And guess who is on the cover of Christine's debut book? Isn't the dear Lord amazing?

This Canadian author's fascination with the British Raj was seeded from stories of her ancestors who served in the British Cavalry in India. SHADOWED in SILK -  released as an eBook May 1, with printed version Sept 1.  A must read!

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