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Justin and Trisha met and fell in love at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL (Justin adamantly asked Trisha out twice a week for 6 months before she finally said yes). Justin received his BA in Christian Education and Trisha later earned her degree from Indiana University.

The Davis’s return to ministry is the result of a victorious battle for their marriage and family. After successfully planting their first church, Justin had an affair with a staff member, who was also Trisha’s best friend. What followed was a four-year journey of pain, grief and ultimately the restoration of their relationship by the grace of God. This experience left a watermark on their marriage of what it really means to experience grace, love and redemption firsthand—both individually and as a couple.

In 2009 they founded RefineUs Ministries using their story of failure, loss, and transformation to guide the Church, pastors, and church planters towards healthy marriages and families. Today, Justin and Trisha are bloggers, authors, and teachers in Nashville, TN where they reside with their three boys. Justin is currently campus and teaching pastor of Crosspoint Community Church, Bellvue Campus—recently named the 28th fastest growing church in the country.

With the rare free time that they can scrounge up, you will find Justin and Trisha going on walks, eating at PF Chang’s, or having coffee together; and sometimes all three at once. They consider the resurrection of their marriage to be a great gift and feel it a privilege to use RefineUs to help others towards that same healing.

Justin and Trisha’s first book is contracted with Tyndale House Publishers for a 2013 release.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've asked Mandy to share her life's journey with us. The way the Lord reached out to her special need brought me to tears.

 "I'd say my story is more of the lost sheep...but it's mine nonetheless.I was reared in a wonderful Christian home. I was very comfortable in that world surrounded by Christian friends, family, church and even, my Christian school. But it soon turned into complacency and I started taking things into my own hands. At college I hung out with people I should've stayed away from and participated in activities I should never have even considered. As soon as I graduated from college, I was married.  It only last 3 years and I was very much a part of that marriage ending in divorce.

Shortly after that, I married my husband Cary. We were both rebellious and far away from the Lord. On our wedding night, as Cary was sleeping next to me the sudden the realization of how far I had fallen overwhelmed me.  I was so lost...that night I cried out to God, hoping He could and would forgive me for all the sin I had chosen to engulf myself in.  I had my doubts but God is much bigger and much more gracious than we can ever imagine.  So I surrendered my life to the Lord that night.
I woke up the next morning with hope but also knowing that I had just married a man who wanted nothing to do with God.  Through my poor choices, I had alienated most of my friends and family, so I went to the one place I knew I could go to ...  my Savior. My first prayer went something like this "Dear God, please let Cary want to go to church, any church"  the very next day Cary looked at me nonchalantly and said " you  know what, honey...I've been thinking...maybe we should start going to church".  I thought "WOAH!  This is amazing. So I continued praying for Cary and for us. It wasn't the next day, but one day I found Cary in the back of our house looking out over the fields that lay behind it.  As I approached, I saw he had tears coming down his face.  He looked at me and said, "I'm not going to fight Him anymore."  I found later thatCary had gone to a basketball outreach from a local church at the age of 18 years old and had given his life to Christ. And yet he'd been running from Him ever since.  I never knew...we hadn't talked about God.  That night we dedicated our lives (and our marriage) to God.
Cary started to grow so fast my head was spinning.  He couldn't get enough of the Word.  I remember calling dad (who lived about a hour and a half a way) and saying, "Dad -- he's got so many questions,"  and Dad would come and sit and talk with Cary - no matter what time of the night it was. However, In the year that we were married, we found out that we would probably not have children naturally.
I remember one night, standing on the back of the porch with a blanket around my shoulders because of the chill, fighting with God.  I secretly thought that this was His punishment for my be childless, yet to give me such a desire for children.  I stood under those stars with a big hole in my heart.  But just about that time, God was knitting a precious child in the womb of another on the other side of the world.  And when He came to that child's heart, He dropped a stitch.  That child was born with a hole in his heart that mirrored the one I had on the porch.
 About 2 years later, I received a call from my mum saying that some missionary friends of ours had been in Romania and developed a relationship with a woman who was a doctor and ran the orphanage in the small town of Medias.  As soon as we heard his name, Andre...we knew that he was ours.  And when looked into the face of that beautiful child nine months later in the orphanage...I knew...God's way was better than my way.  What a miracle!
It shook my idea that I was being punished so, in my silly brain, I declared that, because Andre' was almost three when we got him, my punishment must be that I would never experience the baby years...those special bonding times with a newborn.  How foolish I was...
Nine years later, we recieved a call from the woman who said she was looking through old files and came across our name.  She felt God had laid us on her heart and she said that she had a child that was to be born in 3 months and she could find no one to take him.  2 1/2 month's later, I was in the birthing room, being a leg holder for Caleb's birth (his birth mom thought both of his mothers should be there) and as I watched him come into this world...I knew, once again, God's ways were so much better than ours. All my defenses fell and I realized that I had waiting for a punishment that had already been nailed to the cross...I had repented...and He had carried my burden.
All through this time, our life has been a joy of sharing with others the miracle of what God can do with the lowliest of low...we share our story wherever we go and travel to jails, churches. schools, fairs, festivals,....anyone who will have us about the love of Christ and His amazing grace.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Australia needs you to turn up on Tuesday 14 August 2012 to celebrate and defend marriage on National Marriage Day because "the world is run by those who show up".  

The reality behind these words will be shown on National Marriage Day to be held on Tuesday 14 August 2012 between 11AM and 1PM. People will gather on the lawns of Parliament House, Canberra from all over Australia to celebrate love between a man and a woman.

It was reported on 19 June 2012 in the Australian newspaper that the 'Marriage Destruction Bill' is likely to be voted on in August, instead of being delayed indefinitely. Tuesday, 14 August is the first day back after the parliamentary winter break - a good time to attend National Marriage Day at Parliament House. Your presence on the lawns of Parliament House Canberra will strengthen the hands of those parliamentarians who want to do the right thing for our children, protecting marriage between a man and a woman.

The 'Homosexual Marriage Bill' can be called the 'Marriage Destruction Bill'. Marriage redefined is marriage destroyed. Bill Muehlenberg, in a very informative article called "When the Activists Spill the Beans" quotes Masha Gessen, a lesbian advocate for homosexual marriage who says openly, "fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there-because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie." Feminist Linda Gordon got straight to the point when she said, "The nuclear family must be destroyed". Radical feminist Robin Morgan exposed the core strategy of homosexual advocates when she said, "marriage must be destroyed".

TIME:  11AM-1PM   Tuesday 14 August 2012
Parliament House, Canberra (authorised assembly area)

1. Please come to Canberra to defend and celebrate marriage. 
2. Tell all your friends and networks about National Marriage Day and ask them to also come to Canberra. Marriage is something worth standing for.

 Defence of  traditional marriage is imperative in the face of the ongoing agitation by the minority gay lobby to change the marriage act. Marriage is too important for you to sit by and leave it to someone else to defend. At times like these we need to gather the lone voices into a multitude that won't fail to be heard!

Any questions?  Phone Phyllis Restall or

Special Guest Speaker
Mr Don Feder, (see details right)  
Other speakers 
Nat Marrriage Day Guest Speaker
Don Feder is a well known author and syndicated columnist. His columns have been carried by newspapers in the USA including the Boston Herald, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal and the Readers Digest. In addition he is the Communications Director for the World Congress of Families. Don Feder is renowned for his tireless defence of the rights of the family and traditional marriage.
    • Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, Director, Institute of Judaism & Civilisation 
    • Sen. Eric Abetz, Liberal Tas 
    • Sen. Cory Bernardi, Liberal SA. 
    • Sen. Mark Furner, ALP Qld 
    • Sen. Barnaby Joyce, LNP Qld 
    • Sen. John Madigan, DLP Vic 
    • Hon. Kevin Andrews, Liberal Menzies 
    • Warwick & Alison Marsh, Dads4Kids  
The Marriage Amendment Act 2004 was passed on 13 August 2004. It defines marriage as: "a union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life".

The passing of this act was primarily made possible through the efforts of many thousands of Australians being prepared to defend the foundation upon which our nation stands - the family based on marriage.
Protecting Our Australian Values 
P.O. Box 378
, Unanderra NSW 2526