Friday, April 1, 2011

The Giggling Bride

Although christened in the Lutheran Church in Germany, Margaret was always a rebellious teenager. Religious morals did not suit her, and who was the Church to make rules about right or wrong? She believed, along with many other university students, that Science opposed the existence of absolute standards. So she determined to make her own way.

When she was nineteen, she met an unusual foreigner who had rented a room at her grandmother's residence. He'd actually been born in Germany, but his parents migrated to Australia when he was ten years old. Now he'd returned for a working stint to soak up the culture. Holger spoke and dressed differently than other fellows, and he acted in a confident manner which thoroughly intrigued her.
Now, grandmother (a natural born matchmaker) invited the two of them to dinner one night. Holger was taken with this lively, intelligent fraulein and promptly asked her to attend a concert with him. The attraction was mutual.

After a two-month-long engagement, they were married. However, Margaret's mother was outraged at her daughter's behaviour at her own wedding. Completely irreverent, Margaret giggled and whispered throughout the whole solemn ceremony. Her mother decided then and there to pray for her daughter and son-in-law to take God seriously.

When the pair moved to Australia, Holger soon started a successful communication business. She began a practice as a naturopath and hypnotherapist. By this time, Margaret had drifted into New Age concepts and joined the Rosicrucian Order. But then something unexpected happened. In answer to her mother's prayer, two lovely ladies from New Tribes Mission visited her clinic and told her about Jesus' death on the cross to save sinners. This shook her to the core, for if this God of the Bible was real, then she truly was a sinner who needed salvation. That very night she fell on her knees and repented of her rebellion against God and asked Jesus into her life. Soon after, Holger also became a follower of Jesus.

She now belongs to a rare breed, that of a Christian naturopath, where she truly seeks to guide people with a genuine God given gift in order to treat body, soul and spirit.

Once a giggling bride, Margaret has become a thoughtful wife. Along with her husband and children, she now belongs to the church - the Bride of Christ. You can contact Margaret via her website

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Anonymous said...

Another great story! I love to hear about God's guidance in bringing couples together - in sickness and health, through poverty and wealth. God is there all the way if we bid Him entrance. Thanks for the encouragement.