Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teacher's Pet

The Tylers: Emily, Greg, Sarah & Mitch Hoskins,Sharon, James & Lucy
 Her eyes said "Yes", but her lips said "No". That's the way it seemed to Greg Tyler just four weeks after meeting her! Sharon laughed when he proposed and told him,"My parents would kill me!"

 Greg  was already working as a primary school teacher when he first met Sharon. But she had only just completed her first year of teacher training. They came across each other at a children's camp where they were invited to be helpers. It soon became apparent that apart from a mutual attraction, these young people shared similar interests and goals. They also shared a love of music and a strong commitment to family. And more, they were both interested in serving God wherever He led them. So within that first month they were deeply in love and knew that God's plan was for them to be together.

Some months later, he asked that momentous question again ... and this time she simply couldn't refuse! Ah, but only on one condition, because she needed to be able to focus on her studies, she insisted the wedding should not take place until her teacher training was complete. This was a complete shift of attitude for Sharon as she'd always envisaged living and working as an independent woman. She'd planned to settle down some time in the future, but what to do when your heart tells you otherwise? And another reason, they both believed it was God's timing that had brought them together, and they were also convinced that His plan was always the best and most perfect one.

Twenty-seven years later, that knowledge still holds true for Sharon and Greg, as they enjoy life and continue serving God together. Sharon is unequivocal when she says, "The Lord is the bedrock of our relationship. He has kept us strong and stable throughout some of life's fiercest storms!" Life has brought them some serious challenges, but these have been balanced by great blessings. Sharon goes on to say, "Our greatest blessing is knowing that God is with us every minute of every day. He provides whatever we need, moment by moment, and in Him our lives find true fulfilment."

They have raised four children, Lucy (24), Sarah) (23), James (21), and Emily (14). And by the grace of God all are string Christians actively involved in church life. Recently they welcomed another member, Sarah's husband Mitch, [see "Together Forever" post,] who has become like a son and brother to this family.

Their favourite verse: Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

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Hmmm...I know the people, but never knew their story! Thanks for sharing it.