Friday, September 16, 2011


Wedding Day, August 11, 1974
After a rebellious year during high school, I gave my life wholeheartedly to the Lord. One of the first things I felt God asking me to do was break up with my boyfriend, who wasn't a Christian. I was heartbroken, but at peace because I knew I was being obedient to God. Still, I'd always dreamed of marriage and a large family (I wanted 12 kids!) so I prayed that God wouldn't make me wait too long to find a husband.

The summer before I went off to college, my best friend was dating a guy from a neighboring town. This guy just happened to have an older brother who'd recently broken up with his girlfriend. He was heartbroken, and my friend and her boyfriend figured the two of us may as well be heartbroken together, so they set us up on a double date with them. I'm not sure I believe in love at first sight, but it was definitely "intense like" at first sight. One of the first things I discovered about this guy was that he'd given his life to the Lord about the same time as I had. So we had much in common, and just really liked each other from the get-go.
Even though Ken and I parted ways at the end of the summer to go off to different colleges, we kept in touch through daily letters and occasional visits, and at Thanksgiving, 6 months after we met, we got engaged. We were married 10 months later. Best decision I ever made!
Ken and Deborah now

Ken and I have raised four amazing children and now God has blessed us with four precious grandchildren! (All under 5!) We celebrated our 37th anniversary in August and if we match Ken's grandparents' long, long marriage, we still have 45 more years to go!! His grandparents fell 18 days short of celebrating their 83rd wedding anniversary before Grandma died this year at the age of 100. God willing, Grandpa will turn 102 later this year. They've left us quite a legacy!
Next May, on the weekend that would have been Grandma and Grandpa's 84th anniversary, our youngest daughter will get married. Ah, the circle of life. : )
Thanks for sharing your story, Deb.


Margaret Lepke said...

Yep, obedience to God always pays off. Thanks for sharing your story, Deborah. Rita told me to go to your website and find the picture that starts with, "Lord, I know that as I write this book..." It was a great encouragement to me and is now hanging right next to my computer as a constant reminder. May you and Ken have a long and happy life together!

Rita Galieh said...

I'm always thrilled to hear stories like this!

Bonnie Engstrom said...

Deb is such a dear, and you are a dear to share her story. Loved it! Bonnie

Deborah Vogts said...

Love the pictures! Oh my! Thanks for sharing, Rita & Deborah. You look so young and innocent, Deb. :)

Mary Hawkins said...

Beautiful story and photos. I love your books, Deborah, and no wonder they have been so successful when a child of God like yourself hands control of her life over to Him!
Thank you to, Rita!

Rose McCauley said...

Dear Deb, always glad to read and learn more about one of my favorite authors! My mom also wanted 12 kids and had 7 that lived! See you in St. Louis!

Crystal Mary said...

Wow!! I loved the obedience to God here...and what a blessing in return. Crystal Mary Lindsey