Friday, December 16, 2011

Making Music Together......Brenda Anderson

I love music: singing, playing guitar or piano, or just listening to other musicians. My whole family loves to sing, and we even harmonize with each other. My best friends are musicians. I believe God uses music to speak to the heart.

My husband, however, grew up in a family that absolutely cannot sing. They appreciate music, and most play some instrument, but when they try to sing? Cringe. If you enjoy listening to ten sliding keys sung at once, then you’d appreciate their rendition of Happy Birthday. It’s seriously painful.

Ironically, my husband can sing. So, when planning our wedding, we knew it would be filled with music. I tapped my two best friends and an aunt to sing prelude solos. My aunt and a friend shared organ duties, while another played flute. I had a quartet sing Lutkin’s The Lord Bless You and Keep You.  We had a couple of congregational hymns, and I even sang Roger Copeland’s The Bridal Prayer immediately before the processional.
We also had a duet planned following the lighting of the unity candle. The pastor and the pianist were the only people who knew who the singers were. My husband and I lit the candle then took each other’s hand as the pianist played the introduction to He Has Chosen You For Me by Pat Terry. Marvin and I took a deep breath … then started singing to each other.

Unbeknownst to us was the waterfall of tears
dropping all around the church. My mother-in-law said she kept looking for the singers then finally realized it was her son singing. She teared up. My bridesmaids all cried. The groomsmen sniffled. Even the pastor wiped tears. And yes, the video has proof.
The duet was our gift to each other and to the congregation. 23 years later, people still remember our wedding.
I’m thinking maybe when we celebrate 25 years together, we’ll have to try it again.

Thanks for sharing, Brenda. I hope you and your husband make that duet together on your 25th anniversary! I'm amazed at your courage in singing on your wedding day. Honestly, I think I'd have burst into tears with the sheer emotion of it! We had another friend, a fine baritone, who sang during the signing of the register. But I was so caught up in everything, I can't even remember his performance.


Margaret Lepke said...

What a lovely, romantic wedding! Maybe you should sing together more often - not just at weddings and anniversaries :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! where can we get a copy of the piano sheet of "he has chosen you for me"? i would like to have that song played at my wedding. please do reply :) my email is GOD BLESS