Friday, March 23, 2012

Coincidence or God Incidence? Kara Isaac's story

I asked Kara to share her unusual story as it's inextricably, linked to her writing.

My pastors were in Sydney (ironically enough teaching at a marriage retreat). On the Sunday night they met a guy at church, were having a bit of a chat with him when his father came up and said "Can you find my son a nice Kiwi wife, because I'm not having any luck finding him one over here!"
For some reason they both thought of me. And so, upon their return, my pastor took me out for coffee and starting waxing lyrical about this great guy they had met in Sydney. Mostly
I laughed at her. There was no doubt that he sounded great, but he was in Sydney, I was in Wellington, and neither of us had any plans to be in the other city anytime soon.

The guy my pastor was raving about had the same name as the character in my manuscript that I was smitten with. Josh. Not only that, but they lived in the same city, were the same age and the same occupation. Of course, proving that God does have a sense of humour, the real Josh looked nothing like the fictional Josh, but looked exactly the same as one of the other main characters in the manuscript.

Two months later, God orchestrated a whole lot of things to bring Josh to Wellington, and me back from overseas early, where we met for the first time at the exact same place my characters meet - Wellington Airport. Whilst it wasn't quite love at first sight (it was at second, in Sydney three weeks later) there was definitely something there that could rival any good romance novel.

 I haven't quite gotten around to finishing the manuscript yet because God has been a bit busy writing my own love story with my fiction come real hero - Josh and I got engaged then he moved to New Zealand and soon after we get married! But you never know, hopefully one day I'll get around to writing the happy ending for my characters that I'm busy living!

Isn't that a lovely story of how the Lord works in His children's lives? I'm so glad Kara shared it with us. And don't you love that newest  addition to their family? This isn't just a happy's also a great beginning!


Paula Vince said...

Yes, I love it when God's serendipitous work behind the scenes is so obvious.
Thanks, Rita and Kara, for the great story.

Kara Isaac said...

Thanks Rita for letting me share our story. It's always amazing to look back at how God obviously put it all together :)