Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aussie American Couple

I invited fellow author, Crystal Mary Lindsey to share her story.

I was working as an Emergency Room Sister at Caloundra Hospital, Queensland, when one of the doctors told me I needed to get a life. I was ten years out of my first marriage, busy working, completing another degree and spending time with my children and grandchildren, so his words puzzled me. Two days later he again broached the subject while we were eating our lunch together. This time I really took note. I told a close friend, one of our triage secretaries and was stunned when she agreed. 'Hey,' I thought, 'I believe God is trying to get my attention.' My email gave me the next clue, 'Join American Singles.'

Well, for one thing I wasn't sure I liked the idea of a Singles Club or Americans, yet all I knew about them was what I'd gleaned from the media. Some of the members were on-line as I looked in and one stood out, his eyes were so sad.
I flicked through a few pages of men leaning against gorgeous cars, boats or whatever they wanted to impress with. Yet I always returned to the man with the good face. I could see this man had gone through much, and his eyes told the sadness. His photo was a simple mug shot, nothing more. Clicking onto him I said "hello."  My heart was pounding like a school girl caught out doing the wrong thing, I didn't believe in women making the first move, yet now I had committed that terrible act!

We conversed, seeing each other via video for about four months. During this time I spoke about my faith many times. He always agreed and added something to what I'd said, so I knew he was a true believer.
I traveled to Chicago for a conference and he traveled up from Tennessee, to meet me in person. Prior to leaving for the U.S. my daughter and niece had prayed over me, and prayed about my encounter with Ray. If it was of the Lord, he would call me a name, Sweetheart. Yes he did, and we married before my three months in the States were ended.

That was almost eight years ago. We lived in his home state for     three years and I worked there also. Ray loved Australia so
 much after our first that he retired early and we came back
 here to live.

Our church in Tennessee is very dear to us, and talk about
singing and wonderful voices, this church hooked me in many
 ways, and that was one of them. I had been a Christian from
 a young age, and here I felt like I was at home.Due to a bad
 fall and knee damage on our return to Australia, I also retired
earlier than  expected
Then God opened another door, one of creative writing. While
 living in the U.S. it came to my attention how little was known
 about Australia. I decided there and then I would write a book
 and include some understanding about our great land. I began
 a Blog using my love for God in every day life. From there a
 Health Blog was born as I saw the vital need to educate the public on simple health knowledge.

I held off publishing my book for some time. After attending a Christian Writers Conference at Brisbane I changed my book name and some of the content. God led me, yes led me,(it was extraordinary) to a retired lay Pastor who was also a published author of a few books. We didn't meet in a church, but rather in a coffee shop in a strange town. Through her, I then published with an American publisher. It has been a learning process, and as with anything that is important, I have grown and been molded in the procedure.   

The attractive girl on her book cover is Crystal's own daughter.  You can find it on Amazon.


Crystal Mary said...

Hello Rita, Well it got here....and looks like a fairy tale romance. Thank you from Ray and myself.
Blessings Crystal

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Mary, This is AWESOME.... Your story in some ways is like mine. I didn't know though that you married an American Boy!!!!!! Neat! Where in the states did he live --and then you all live for 3 yrs? Tennessee??? Where? Small world, isn't it????? What church?

So glad you took that step to 'get a life' ... That is exactly what I did...

Congrats on your writing --and those doors which have been opened for you...

God Bless You.

P.S. Please take off the word verification... Thanks!

Paula Vince said...

I love reading true stories about doors that have opened. Thanks, Crystal and Rita.