Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Things Come in Small Parcels

I was born in Sri Lanka many light years ago,well shall I say...a
Anusha, Shan, and son Asela
 long time before this digital age. In spite of that fact I am delighted I am alive and kicking in the 21st century world – where websites abound, where communication is dead easy, where I can type my letters and articles and books rather than write them, where a letter to family and friends is only a simple click away! In January 1999, my husband and I and our then eight year old son migrated to Australia. We are now blessed to have two beautiful islands we call home.

I stand at exactly 5 feet and a half inch all. To compensate for my lack of inches, I married a man who is 6 feet tall! I love the finer things of life, including good food and especially chocolates! I am passionate about many things; life, love, family, friendship, music, books, the beauty of creation, writing and much more! My greatest passion is Jesus and the difference He has made in my life.

Why do I write? Because I feel impelled to. When I write, I know I am doing what I was born to do. I write because I have this message to share. It is simple: Jesus loves me and He loves you. His love is Eternal and His love never fails. The love of Jesus is my song. His love is my anchor. His love is my guiding star. He keeps me afloat when the world is soggy and the rainclouds form. His love is my hiding place. I have experienced His love over many years. It only gets better with time.

Thanks Anusha. What an enthusiastic testimony of the Lord's goodness in her life.You can visit her website at


Crystal Mary said...

Hello Rita, Anusha is a beautiful person who radiates Gods love all around her. She may be tiny in statue but she walks tall in Gods Grace. Her husband and son are very blessed to have her and she them....What a beautiful family.
I know Anusha loves her mother, the woman who guided her to be who she is in Christ today.. God bless them all, and you also dear friend for your unselfish heart of sharing.

Anusha said...

Thanks so much Rita for having my featured on your blog. I am honoured. And thanks Crystal Mary for your kind words too which filled me up! And yes, God's grace is without end isn't it? So thankful for it.

Thank you both for blessing me.
In His love,

Paula Vince said...

What a lovely family photo too :)