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We often see the caption, “photo by Ramon 
Williams”, but who is this photographer?

Ramon and Dorothy Williams met in the Sydney Missionary and Bible College in 1956. After college, both felt led of the Lord to serve in Indonesia and both were called to join WEC (Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade) in 1957.

Mission policy meant they could not live in the same centre together, until they had been on the field for two years. Visas were refused in 1958 and as there was a need for a catering person and a maintenance supervisor in the same centre, they were asked if they would consider being married. Ramon replied that they would “have to pray about it!” and, after ten seconds, agreed.  They were married two weeks later. Within four months the visas were received and they arrived in East Java in June, 1959.

From 1959 to 1966 Ramon handled all the business matters for WEC and Dorothy distributed a simple gospel broadsheet called “Soon” as well as caring for two daughters and a son. When Ramon felt the Lord wanted him to head up a new department of WEC, handling audio-visuals and displays, Dorothy hesitated – hadn’t the Lord called them both to Java, now Ramon wanted to do a different type of work, perhaps in Australia.

A pregnancy was nearly terminated when it was realised Dorothy was too large and an X-ray indicated there could be a tumour involved. A second X-ray revealed – TRIPLETS! The doctors warned that the three might not live as they were too small. Dorothy took this to the Lord: “Lord, if they live, that is the seal to go home and commence a new work for WEC.”

They lived. The Williams family of Ramon and Dorothy, with Heather (8), Ruth (6), Keith (2) and Barbara, Kathleen and Julie (3 months) arrived back in Australia, November 1967.

 In 1968 Ramon noticed that no photographers were covering the 1968 Billy Graham Sydney Crusade, so offered to “supply photos, free of charge, if Christian publications could afford to print them.” He’s been doing the same ever since!

Their 50th Wedding Anniversary
In 1975 the ministry Worldwide Photos was formed, as a faith ministry, trusting the Lord for all expenses & serving others through press releases. Ramon has photographed every Royal visit to St Andrew’s Cathedral; cyclones in Darwin, Fiji, the Solomons, Vanuatu and North Queensland; droughts and floods; national gatherings and crusades; college graduations and special events in Parliament Houses – Federal and State.

None of these activities could have been attempted without the loyal support of Dorothy – meals at all hours of the day and night; caring for growing children; hospitality and nursing care. Ramon and Dorothy have had their health problems and hospital visits, but The Lord has been faithful and we have lacked no good thing.

Over the years, Ramon has helped my husband and I many times during our evangelistic ministry and it's a real privilege to reciprocate. And many's the occasion we'd attend and there Ramon would be, quietly going about capturing special moments in the Christian calendar in his creative service for the Lord.


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Dorothy Adamek said...

What a sweet story :-) The triplet twist took me by surprise!! What an adventure theses two have enjoyed. God bless them. xx