Friday, October 26, 2012

Terry Burns - Bringing the Old West to Life

Agent with The Hartline Literary Agency, Terry Burns tells how he came to faith. I gave my heart to Jesus much younger but did not get up the nerve to get out in that aisle until I was fifteen. (I was and still am a very shy person, but that's another story) Some ten years ago I decided to incorporate my faith into my writing and went to the Christian Writer's Conference at Glorieta New Mexico to decide how to do that.

My wife and I met at church and went steady in high school. When I went off to college life got in the way and we ended up with other partners. Thirty years later, both single, we met at a funeral and got back together again.We've been married almost twenty years now and are very happy together. If we had stayed together after high school we would be coming up on our fiftieth anniversary. We often think about how those years would have been and how they would have changed. We have five kids between us but do not differentiate as mine and hers but rather as ours. We have ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. We consider ourselves extremely blessed.


Janie Benedict has led a sheltered life. She’s never had to worry about anything with a father to care for her, servants, then a husband that saw to her every need...until the first two potential converts he tried to minister to immediately sent him on to his final reward. But faith will find a way and the love of a good man helps fill the void. She finds her way to a little town nicknamed “Saint’s Roost” whose real history is more fascinating than any fictional tale. The adversity that comes in the process teaches her much about herself and she does keep her promise, but in ways she could not imagine.


They were all dead. No one alive in the whole wagon train. He was alone.
When Bryan Wheeler's parents are killed by Comanche raiders, he wonders how he will survive without them. With a few supplies, two guns, and his mother's Bible, he sets out to create a new life for himself in the western wilderness.

 The companion book to the popular program that Terry presents on how to do queries and  pitches, how to write winning proposals and  how to develop a strong platform. The content for this book came out of a month long online course at the American Christian Fiction Writers that had over 600 writers registered for it.

I can personally recommend this as I ordered the online course some time ago and it was a very helpful, clear cut set of guidelines for a serious writer.  
His books and Downloads are available at: Mountainview Publishing

These are just a few of Terry Burn's many books. They are entertaining and uplifting. Look him up on the web for more information

Thanks Terry for sharing with us.       


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