Friday, December 13, 2013

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Married for thirty-six years to a patient man who probably should have thought twice before proposing, Ruth Logan Herne loves God, her family, and chocolate -  not always in that order. Mother of six,

Ruthy embraces a ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ mentality after realizing worry produces gray hair and crow’s feet, neither of which has a cheap, quick fix.

Born into poverty, Ruthy brandishes a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps mentality, she abhors whining (except her own),  and small children should be declared miracles, each and every one.

Visitors at her historic (that’s just a nice way of saying “OLD”) farmhouse are treated to wonderful coffee, delicious baked goods, sticky fingers, dusty floors, scrunched towels and Golden Retrievers who drive her husband nuts.

I agree wholeheartedly with Ruthy. Jesus tells us that we can share all our burdens with Him and why worry about things that may never come to pass!

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