Thursday, April 3, 2014


This love story started in the summer of 1955 when Jeanette, a Minnesota schoolteacher, took a trip to Yellowstone Park and met a Montana cowboy named Red. Ten days later, Jeanette returned to Minnesota and started writing letters to Red.
That winter, Red put a ring in his pocket, loaded a freshly shot elk in his truck, and drove to the tiny town of Clontarf, Minnesota. 

He gave the ring to Jeanette and the elk to her father. On June 6, 1956, after a ten-day courtship and nine months of letter writing, they married.

But that’s not the love story. The love story is the next 57 (and counting) years. 


Their love story is this:
five living children,
one baby in heaven, 
six moves from Montana to California to Washington State, 
four sons-in-law, 
one daughter-in-law, 
17 grandchildren, 
14 great-grandchildren (and counting), 
sickness and health, richer and poorer, living their faith and loving their family every day until death parts them and they are reunited in heaven.

Thanks to author Stephanie Landsem for sharing her parents' story.


Margaret Lepke said...

This is what I call a true success story - a la God's recipe. What a great example to us all...

Bhaskar Kumar said...
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