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Dotti and author James Scott Bell
I'd like to introduce my writer friend, Dorothy Adamek. Well known as 'Dotti', she lives at Crabapple House with her Beloved and their three children, twenty fruit trees and Gilbert the cat. A graduate of La Trobe University, Dorothy studied Literature, History and Education. She taught secondary school English and English as a Second Language.  
She shares about her blog:

Hi Rita. I’ve been writing at my blog, which I call Ink Dots, since 2009.  I started sharing my writing adventures also some of the historical details I’ve unearthed in my research. I chose the name Ink Dots in salute to olde worlde writer’s ink, and picked up the dots from my nickname, Dotti. Ink Dots represents what I write ~ Historical Romance ~ The Heartbeat Of Yesteryear.  I’m a serious fan of most things olde worlde. The Australian colonial era is my favourite. Anytime in the 1800s draws me and I’m currently working on a 3 book series set on Phillip Island in the 1870s. I’m also working on a goldfields series set in Ballarat in the 1850s, with yet another project set in the 1840s. You can read more about why I love history on my About and Australia Pages at Ink Dots.

I asked Dotti if she had support from her family:

I’m surrounded by tremendous support as a writer. My family cheer ‘loud and proud’ and tell their friends and colleagues about my writing. God has blessed me with many kindred spirits in the book world who understand the peculiarities of the writing life. Readers and writers alike pray for me each day and share the writing road with all its dips and peaks. And I’m blessed to be able to return the gift of praying for my supporters, too. I know this is something not every writer enjoys and I don’t take it for granted. If there’s a writer reading this now, weighed down by little support or discouragement, please message me. I’d love to be praying with you. In many pursuits, prayer is the foundational work and writing is no different.
Thanks so much for sharing with us. Genuine heartfelt prayer makes all the difference to our lives. Dotti would love you to visit INK DOTS some time at

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