Thursday, December 4, 2014


When times are tough try taking the following steps to get on the same page!

  1. Confront the problem.  If your spouse says, “We’re fine” and doesn’t want to talk about it, there probably is something going on.   Arrange to meet later and discuss what you’re thinking about.
  2. Confess it!  Yes, confess!  It’s much easier to pass judgment and blame your spouse.  But even if the problem may be 90% something your spouse is responsible for, you still are responsible for 10%.  A loving marriage admits fault!
  3. Pray together.  Couples rarely pray together. Far from intimidating it can draw you closer together. 
There are two ways to ensure that “tough times” won’t lead to divorce. 
  1. Treasure your marriage.  God brought you together for a lifetime.  It’s a fragile gift and if not valued as such, your marriage will suffer.  Make your spouse a priority.
  2.  Have fun together!  Some of the best fun you can have is when you plan well ahead to do something together you’ve never done before. Laugh and play like kids!  It'll be so much fun.
 Isn't this worth trying?

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