Saturday, January 24, 2015

Suthanisee and Sadudee

Suthanisee slips a ring on her beloved.
Recently we attended a lovely wedding at Rayong in the Gulf of Thailand. We have known this young couple for many years. Sadudee asked my husband to bring a message at the ceremony and also to play the violin. I had the privilege of singing to them.

Sadudee's father, Somchai Soonthornturasuk, is a well known evangelist and he married them. It was a joy filled time.

A storm threatened with the wind lifting but many prayed it would pass over. The clouds rolled over and the breeze cooled us after the high humidity. At one point the guests heard a distant humming and looked up to see a drone hovering above and capturing the whole ceremony from the air. Sadudee's photographer friends also captured thousands of pictures.

Sadudee met Suthanisee in the workplace. She is a food buyer for many restaurants and he is a freelance photographer. She also creates delicious recipes and he photographs them. He sets the lighting just right so the dish looks so tempting it makes the mouth water.

She was able to buy the great variety of seafood at cost price to make the wedding breakfast memorable! The barbecued seafood tasted absolutely delicious.

In the ceremony, my husband shared the fact that a successful marriage doesn't just happen, it needs to be worked at in times of fun, sharing chores, and patience, especially when hard times come as invariably happens. This is where praying together can draw a couple closer as they share the problems equally.

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