Monday, June 29, 2015

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Friday, June 5, 2015

God's Love in Cambodia

Our Cambodian friends are very dear to us. Horn Kimoun and Sothea Col were recently married. In Cambodia the ceremony is very special with bride and groom wearing different clothes on every occasion.

I asked Sothea how he met his lovely bride, Kimoun.
He said he met her when he went to the Takeo Province to help his friend, Nget begin a school of English and Computing and she enrolled. How could a young man not be attracted to this dear girl?

This school was begun in 2010 to help poor villagers and since then it has grown. In that same year, God called Sothea to start a Bible class. He asked his friend Nget where they should go and Nget asked his parents' permission to hold it in their home. They agreed.

Every Saturday they taught songs to the children. The adults came along and enjoyed every moment, especially the Bible teaching.

The next step was to separate the children with Nget teaching them while Sothea  taught the adults.
And last year their Christmas celebration was a huge success. Everyone received a gift and enjoyed the meal. It was a lovely time for them to remember Jesus' birth.

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