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Signed Sealed Delivered



Indie Publisher, Rita Galieh, has written a trilogy of historical romance novels & has also contributed to several US anthologies. She is now completing a second historical romance series set in the Edwardian Era & has sent the first two M/Ss to Iola Goulton to edit.
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Rita studied art at the National Art School then joined the family ceramics studio. After their marriage, she and her husband attended Emmaus Bible College, and currently co-present Vantage Point, an Australia-wide Christian FM radio program. She enjoys giving her fun-filled presentations of ‘Etiquette of the Victorian Era’ in costume. 

 Signed Sealed Delivered  Book I

How can she believe in her future when she cannot escape her past?

Employed as a governess, Megan Trevallyn never suspects the turmoil she will soon be facing. After secretly marrying her love, Capt. Charles Cantrell, he leaves for the battlefield. With twins on the way, her nightmare begins.

Accused of the heinous crime of kidnapping, and expelled from the household, by Cornelia, its scheming mistress, she faces harsh transportation to a penal colony in Australia. Stripped of everything except her faith, will she survive? And will Charles ever find her?


Very early each morning when butlers shone boots, maids scurried about, and cooks prepared breakfast, Megan Trevallyn grasped the opportunity to escape to her one sanctuary in this Georgian mansion—the library. With the musty smell of old books welcoming her, she turned up the gaslight. The warm glow endowed the wood panelling with pleasing hues of coppery gold, which never failed to please her.
She reached over to select a reference volume when a shadow fell across the wall.
What? She whirled around.
The master of the household loomed before her.
In one swift motion, he pushed her up against the bookcase, pinioning her between his outstretched arms. Only the large tome she managed to clasp to her chest separated them. But the narrowed eyes and husky breaths of this repulsive gentleman revealed a rapacious hunger.
‘What have you got there, Miss … ah, why don’t I call you Megan? My, my, perhaps a book of romantic verses? Something to get your little heart beating faster?’
Although doubtful about the scandalous downstairs whispers, she’d always managed to avoid the sole company of her employer. Now this. Her mind raced as she tried to quash the rising panic, She must somehow overcome this intimidating situation and diffuse it.
‘Sir, I’m holding a book of Ancient History for your daughter.’ She forced an authoritative tone. ‘We’re to study it when she arrives.’
He glanced back at the grandfather clock. ‘It seems we have a whole hour before Ellie’s lesson begins, my dear. Time enough for us to become, shall we say, much better acquainted.’
Despite her indignation, she gritted her teeth. In this household an employee’s word counted for nothing. And in such a confrontation, the conviction she’d be damned if she gave
in and damned if she didn’t, infuriated her.
With barely time to pray, Lord, help me, she steeled herself against the assault.
As he lowered his whiskered face to hers, his breath—reeking of tobacco—turned her stomach. And as one clammy hand clutched her neck and the other groped for her thigh, pure instinct spurred her on. She let go of the heavy book.
It landed right onto his foot.
Cursing, he sprang back. ‘You’ve broken my toes, you little vixen!’
She snatched the moment and ducked around him then launched herself from the library. With a hammering heart, she rushed to her room.
Oh yes, she’d heard about predators like this. A helpless governess, maidservant, or even a lowly scullery maid offered a pleasant diversion to the master of the household. Willing or unwilling, no questions were ever asked. And if complaints arose then the victims would soon find themselves on the street without references. In this way many an assault would be covered up, concealing distasteful scandal, and leaving the perpetrator free reign.
If it hadn’t been for her unhesitating action when she’d been at her most vulnerable, this man would surely have compromised her. Now, through no fault of her own except for self-preservation, she must leave what she’d thought was a safe haven. Disillusionment threatened to drain the last of her optimism.
She dashed unwanted tears away and gathered up her few belongings before creeping down the back stairs. The injustice of this whole incident rankled, but recognising the futility of asking, she’d go quietly without the wages owed.
Only one thing consoled her. She’d had the satisfaction of repudiating his advances. His power and menacing presence no longer dangled over her. Nor would it ever again.
Lord willing, she’d pore over every single line of the help wanted section in her search to find another employment opportunity.
That … or go hungry.

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