Saturday, January 21, 2012


 We have enjoyed some lovely hospitality with Alan and Di Pattemore, Their story follows, told by Di:

I realise now that I was very fortunate to have been brought up in a home which taught me that God loved me, He died for my sins and if I put my faith & trust in Him I would be forgiven. Sunday School and Church were always happy times for me. I guess that I could say that God was always real to me..BUT.. I never knew Him personally myself. There was no real relationship between just Him & me. In my early teens I heard many messages on “You must Be Born Again”.

I was aware that I had drifted along on my mum's apron strings and there came the time when I knew in my heart that I must settle my own account with Jesus and invite Him into my life. I trusted Him for time & Eternity. All grown up at 16 my life changed forever.

Wow!!!! Christian Endeavour.Young people coming together for Rallies, Socials, Conventions, but more importantly preparing us for service within our local church. These were great times of growing in my faith as I had opportunity to give a testimony of what Jesus meant to me, and then to listen to others to see what Jesus was doing in their lives.

It was through this involvement that I met my future husband, Alan. He loved music, as much as I did, and when he found that I had purchased a small keyboard that was his foot into our home & into my heart. I knew he loved music, but not that much.!!! He seemed to come & hear it often!! We both had a desire to reach Young People for Christ (although I was pretty young myself!). Alan was the Youth Leader at his local church.

Our casual relationship quickly turned to love and we knew that God had brought us together. I remember Alan saying to me before our wedding that it must always be Christ first if we wanted to know His best & His leading for our life together.

God has truly been with us as He said He would. He has grown us, very often through situations which were not of our choosing, but in those valley experiences of testings, our faith has been strengthened. There were times when we had to take a very definite stand for Jesus and not go with the majority, even to the point of losing some friends. But Jesus was, and is, worth it all!


Anonymous said...

I was blessed to grow up under these 2 people and are proud to call them mum and dad. You should never take for granted growing up in a loving Godly home. Mum took care of all our needs and more and dad has the most incredible God given patience!! one tiny example is he would sit there for an hour or two (more if needed) and untangle our necklaces and wouldn't put it down until it was done! They were never selfish, good testimonies which stem from Godly grandparents. Gram Milne and Gram Pattemore (grandmothers come to mind being a girl! but loving grandads as well) wow ... God gave me wonderful family.

Al & Di's daughter,

Paula Vince said...

It was Shakespeare who said, "Music is the food of love." Very true. I appreciated Di's description at the beginning of how she decided to seek faith of her own rather than her parents, something all young people need to do. And I love Sue-Ellen's comment above and wonder what my kids would say about their dad and I.