Thursday, January 5, 2012


You can never overdo telling the person you truly love what they mean to you. It's far too easy to fall into the trap of taking them for granted.

You love them and you know they love you, but those words will never offend...just reaffirm. Even so, those pleasant words need actions as well. A helping hand. A comforting hand. A gentle hand. And a million ways to show you care. 

God's Word tells us to be kind and tender-hearted to each other. How easy it is to say and do unkind things when we let our guard down. How easy to use sharp words instead of tender words. How easy for the "put-down" instead of "lifting up" our loved one.

Some would never speak to a stranger the way they speak to their wife/husband. How sad.

In this New Year of 2012 we all need to take stock and honour and respect and be truly loving to our special person in every possible way. And don't forget forgiveness. A good marriage is based on two good forgivers. Remember the old saying "What goes round, comes round"? It's a truism in every way.

May everyone who reads this be blessed in this year of possibilities.

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Margaret Lepke said...

So true! And how easily do we fall short. It seems God-incidental that my article for the inaugural issue of Golden Pen Magazine is titled "The Power of Words" and due next week. Your post speaks about the same principle - very encouraging, thank you, Rita!