Friday, January 25, 2013


I love my sunburnt country. I love living here. I love its people. I love the God given freedom I experience every day of my life.

I love its golden sandy beaches and its unique bushland. Its mountains and its desserts.

I love the fact we all have come from different backgrounds and ethnicity. 

On Australia Day we celebrate all these things about our country. The Aussie barbecue around which folk gather, usually has lamb on the menu, though many love their prawns and barramundi fish.

I have lived overseas and have enjoyed the experience, but there's no place like home. Good old Australia!  

So if you're reading this, I'd like to say in our lingo, "Good on ya, mate!"


Crystal Mary said...

Hello Rita, I agree, I love my country. Everyone should live for a time overseas it make you very patriotic. Love Crystal

Dorothy Adamek said...

So true... no place like your own home. Crystal is right in saying you appreciate your home when you're not in it. Enjoy your Australia Day, Rita. xx