Saturday, January 19, 2013

LOVE - 'OUT of the BLUE'

On a sunny February afternoon in 1997, Clayton King was preparing to preach to 3,000 college students at the University of North Carolina when he saw a young lady in the crowd. In some mysterious way, he knew he would marry her, though he had never seen her before and did not even know her name. 

This young man had an interesting background God began opening doors for Clayton to preach almost immediately after he was saved. He began ministering with a team at several local correctional facilities where he learned much about discernment, and being authentic. His experiences in prison ministry helped him develop a love for those that society forgets about, as well as wisdom when dealing with people from different circumstances. 

Clayton had always dreamed of playing football in college and the pros, but God had other plans. He was recruited by several small colleges and offered opportunities to pursue football, but a severe shoulder injury his Senior year made it obvious that football was not in his future. His dream of attending Clemson University almost became a reality when he received a full academic scholarship there, but he knew that God had called him to preach so he stepped out on faith and turned down all athletic opportunities and academic scholarships that would keep him from pursuing ministry. God provided and he received the Presidential Scholarship at Gardner-Webb University where he graduated in 1995 with a degree in Religious Studies as the Graduate of the Year. 

How did Clayton's  'out of the blue' belief that he had found that one special person turn out? Great as far as he was concerned. he actually got to meet Charie right after that event, she applied to work at Crossroads prison ministry, and they fell in love.

They were married on May 1, 1999 and have two amazing little boys named Jacob and Joseph.  Isn't it interesting how these things seem to be co-incidental? Well not to this couple. They believed the Lord led them to each other while they were involved in His work.

They met that night after the event, she applied to work at Crossroads, and they fell in love. They were married on May 1, 1999 and have two amazing little boys named Jacob and Joseph.

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Crystal Mary said...

What a beautiful love story. And the names of their sons are special also. Jacob and Joseph had a special bond as father and son. These boys will have a bond as brothers. My prayers are with them all.