Friday, February 8, 2013


Dr Steve Stephens was the oldest of six kids. He grew up in the suburbs south of Portland, Oregon and had a positive, though far from perfect, childhood. His parents were hard-working people who were committed to their children. Early in his life, Steve developed a deep curiosity in how people think and relate to each other. 

In 1984 Steve married his sweetheart, Tami. Was theirs a perfect marriage? They both say, like any marriage, they have had their ups and downs, but they are both truly committed to each other just like their parents (Tami's were married 49 years and Steve's were married 53 years). In 1988 Brittany was born, in 1990 Dylan, and in 1993 Dusty. Steve and his family love to laugh, play, explore, travel, ride bikes and watch movies together.

Since 1984 Dr. Steve has practiced as a licensed Psychologist specializing in marriage, family, stress, depression, trauma and life-adjustment issues. He also acts as a life coach to people of all ages and professions. Dr. Steve is a popular seminar speaker who has spoken to business, non-profit, professional and church groups throughout the country. For five years Dr. Steve hosted an hour-long live call-in radio talk show which ran five days a week throughout Southern Washington and Northern Oregon. He has currently written over 20 books with over a million copies sold including Worn-Out Woman and the popular List to Live By series. He is co-founder of Every Marriage Matters, Inc. He has also been on the leadership team of his local church for the past 15 years.
Dr. Steve loves life and encouraging others. He also loves learning and having fun. But most of all he loves God, Tami and his three kids. 

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