Monday, April 8, 2013


Married couple Mark Burnett & Roma Downey openly confess their deep love for each other. They both came from poor backgrounds and became US citizens; Mark from Britain and Roma from Ireland.

Roma is a talented  actress and Mark has been involved in the film business for years and produced many popular TV series, including The Voice and Survivors

As committed Christians they had a burning desire to reach a new generation of people who had never read the Bible, nor heard anything of the wonderful history and true life stories contained there. That's when they began the long process of searching out scriptwriters, actors and technicians and the country that looked much as it had thousands of years ago.

The series, simply called The BIBLE has just finished its run of ten full length films. It was seen by millions of US viewers to rave reviews. The last segment showed the crucifixion and the resurrection. Many viewers shed tears as many admitted they never had any real idea what Jesus suffered to pay the penalty of mankind's sins.

We look forward to it being shown to countries world-wide. DVD's will also be available.

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