Friday, April 19, 2013


Loved, Cherished and Safe in Darryl's Arms
Lynne Stringer shares:

"At the age of twenty-six I decided God didn’t want me to get married.
I’d never had a boyfriend. All my friends were settling down. I’d tried not to give up, but all the time I wondered why there never seemed to be anyone for me.
My father advised me to carry on as if I was going to be single, and if God had someone for me, he would come at the right time.
Yeah right, I thought.

About then, my brother introduced me to internet chatrooms. He’d discovered a Christian one and I thought it sounded interesting and gave it a go."

Lynne goes on to explain that she met Darryl there but he lived in Melbourne over a thousand miles away. In time, while looking for work, he moved north to Brisbane where Lynne lived and they met face to face.

"Although I knew I was attracted to him, I didn't know if what I felt was love. It didn't feel like the way I had imagined it to feel. I didn’t go weak at the knees when I saw him, but having him around seemed natural and right. We started dating and he was reluctant at first. He didn't want to start a relationship that would end with us both getting hurt. So he prayed about it, asking God what he should do.
'You know that you've been praying for your wife all these years, God said. You've always asked me to help her do well.'
'Yes?' Darryl replied.
'That's her.' 
It took God a little longer to convince me. But when I looked at my list of what I wanted in an ideal man, I quickly found every point being filled.
Someone who was a strong Christian.

Someone who didn't go along with the crowd.

Someone who would think about issues with an open mind.
Someone who wasn't a party animal.
Someone who wanted to explore the word of God with me.
After we'd been going out about a month, Darryl turned to me and said, 'Do you mind if we have a weekly Bible study? I think it's important that we study the Word of God together so he can direct us.'
Aha, but then there was my most difficult requirement to fulfill …
Someone who would read me poetry.
One evening I happened to say to Darryl, ‘Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways …' And he proceeded to recite the rest of the poem from memory.
Then I went weak at the knees!
Darryl and I married on 13th May 2000. I had no hesitation in marrying him, because he was everything that was right for me. He complements my own character, as I complement his. We enjoy spending time with each other and have many similar interests. God has blessed us by giving us a beautiful son, and I cannot fault God's timing, not to mention his attention to detail. He gave me both what I needed and what I wanted. I am truly blessed."
Lynne Stringer has been passionate about writing all her life. She has written a YA sci-fi romance novel, The Heir, which is scheduled for publication in June 2013. This novel is the first in a trilogy.
She was the editor of The Queensland Baptist newspaper (later magazine) for seven years, and during her time there won the ARPA award for Best News Item and a highly commended for Best Reporting in a Magazine. 
Lynne currently works at Even Before Publishing.  And is a professional editor and proofreader. 
Thanks for sharing your personal story with us Lynne.


Margaret Lepke said...

What an encouraging testimony to God's faithfulness, Lynne! Especially to the younger ones in the Lord who are still looking for that perfect, godly life-partner.

Internet relationships still seem to have a stigma attached, and many Christians shy away from them. But God has frequently used this avenue to bless (I know of quite a few).

And guess what? God also used this process for my son and his (now) wife. Like Lynne and Darryl, they are truly a "match made in heaven" :}

Mary Hawkins said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Lynne, and good to have a peep into your beliefs about marriage. I had to smile too because a couple of times it mirrored my own experience now 50 years ago when Ray and I first started "going out together" as we called dating back then. I realise now that Ray still seems to know God's will for us before I do. He listens to Him much better than I do!

Rita Galieh said...

I think it takes a lot of courage to meet this way. Yet how wonderful to see God's hand in the whole plan of these two young people coming together. Obviously the Lord is as techie-minded as this generation!
Seriously though nothing stands in the way if we are truly committed to Him.

Lynne Stringer said...

Yes, at the time I was a little cautious of meeting a man on the internet. But he seemed incredibly normal (well, comparatively!) so I thought it was okay, as it proved to be.