Friday, May 3, 2013

ATKINS DIET - Romance and a Love for God

Local boy meets local girl at one of the 
nicest places to meet - at church. This happened at one of Sydney's northern 
beach suburbs.

Narelle, who happens to be a fine writer of romance novels, shares in her own words:

'My husband is a public servant and he is incredibly  encouraging and supportive of 
my writing career. He even looks after our children while I travel to attend conferences and disappear to my ‘writing cave’. He has a sports science background. We both enjoy watching sport. In nearly all of my books, 
my characters are involved in some kind of sporting activity.'

I was so happy to meet Narelle face to face a couple of weeks ago when she shared so many helpful hints and sound advice to like-minded writers at a Sydney seminar on one very 
rainy day.

Narelle began her writing journey some years ago. She decided this is what the Lord wanted her to do, but she believed she wasn't ready to approach agents and publishers until she'd gleaned everything she could from attending writers' conferences and reading the books authors need to give the best guidance possible. She and her colleague, Jenny Blake began an Australian blog, ACRBA, where authors can combine in several blog tours each year. 


Look under      30minutebible

 Then her dreams came true. Not only was she contracted by a US publisher, Heartsong Presents, but they asked her for six books in a series. An amazing opportunity for a new author! These books are sure to be both engaging and spiritually uplifting.

Thanks for sharing with us today, Narelle. And keep writing!


Dorothy Adamek said...

Narelle, what a BABE!
Gorgeous real life romance. Looking forward to reading your fictional romances, now.
Dotti :)

Rita Galieh said...

Me too. Narelle has broken the barrier!

Margaret Lepke said...

Beautiful photo, Narelle. Hope your success will inspire others to serve the Lord in their own gifted role. Keep up the good work...

Narelle Atkins said...

Rita, thanks for hosting me on your blog today. It was wonderful to finally meet you in person a few weeks ago :)

Dotti, you are very kind :) I hope you'll enjoy reading my books.

Margaret, thanks for your encouraging words :)

Mary Hawkins said...

Great to see you on Rita's blog, Narelle. I know how hard you have continue to work on your writing and well desire this wonderful success. You are also so very generous to other writers like myself.
We are so blessed by the support of our husbands and would love to meet yours one day. I think he and Ray will have a lot in common.

Wendy Sargeant said...

It's so great to hear of Narelle's success after following her progress for some time.
Blessings Narelle,