Friday, May 31, 2013


Susan's mother once told her she'd need to find someone who always had their nose in a book to be understand her! That resonated with me as my mother said the same thing when she'd catch me reading instead of doing my chores.

Susan Basham has been writing and drawing since she could hold a pencil, when she realized that words had power. An avid reader always, she remembers her mom saying “I hope you find a man who loves to have his nose in a book as much as you do!”

She found him and she and Gary have been married and reading for 23 years. They have three children – also readers – who grew up begging to go to a bookstore instead of the park! Three dogs and a guinea pig complete the Basham household!

Susan received her B.A. from Grand Canyon University in Behavioral Science and English Literature, where she wrote for and co-edited Shadows, the campus literary magazine. Continuing her graduate school education at Northern Arizona University, she worked in the mental health industry doing client intake on patients and writing summaries for the psychiatric staff.

“Hearing their amazing stories, I wanted to put them into a story format so they became real people, and not just facts written down on paper.”It served to be a great teaching tool for writing.

Susan shares that she is continually amazed by God’s blessings and redemption in her own life and she hopes her writing will inspire others.

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