Friday, June 21, 2013

Occult Almost Destroyed Marriage

 Chris still wonders how her marriage got to the point of nearly being torn apart. Not just by their arguments over important issues, but their continual bickering over insignificant things.

They were both Christians but had quit going to church and reading their Bibles. They'd grown cold toward God and anything to do with Christian gatherings of any sort.
It had only been a few years since they had exchanged wedding rings in a lovely service in their local church. Now that seemed like an eternity away from where they were in their present marriage.

Their interaction soon ceased and to her it seemed they were engaged in a cold war. Two strangers living together under the same roof, but millions of miles away in spirit. Even so they stayed together as if only by a thin thread of loyalty.

Her emptiness and sense of unfullfilment pushed her into seeking something to satisfy her emotional needs. That's when she turned to the occult. Even though she knew it was wrong and against what the Bible taught, somehow she began to feel empowered after delving into book after book on everything to do with the dark arts. In fact, Chris admits she became a witch.

This worried her husband and he confronted her about it. She laughed at his concerns and continued further in her dabbling into the occult.  At the same time her husband, knowing this was anti-Christian and fearing for her sanity, turned back to God and repented of his cold heart. Then he began to earnestly pray for his wife.

Chris was asked by a local para-normal group to help them in casting out a presence ina haunted house. She was excited at this and took up the challenge. As she and a couple of others walked through the house she suddenly remembered how Jesus cast out demons. So she cried in a loud voice..."You're not wanted here. I command you in Jesus's Name to go where He would have you go!'

It seemed as if nothing had happened, but they had recorded the session and she took the recording home with her. Her husband who happened to be a radio technician over heard the replay and froze as he heard the results. An awful piercing scream was heard right after her command. Chris was shocked.  "We never heard that,' she said. He wasn't satisfied that someone hadn't doctored the tape even though she told him she'd brought it straight home. He played it on a digital machine where sounds show up in digital markings and nothing was visual at the point where they heard the unearthly scream.

Only then did Christine realize Jesus's power was greater than the demons and it hadn't been her power, but the power of  God who had acted in casting out the evil spirit. At that, Chris renounced everything to do with the occult and repented before the Lord.

Yes, her husband's prayers were answered, and she was reunited with him in body, soul, and spirit from that day on. Now she has a ministry warning others to stay away from such evil things.


Mary Hawkins said...

Our enemy is so very cunning and any dabbling in the occult opens a path to us he exploits. This happened many years ago to an extended member of our family who went to a couple of seances. Although completely renounced, over the years still suffered supernatural attacks which hopefully most christians never have to. Only calling on Christ as this woman did can bring victory.
I recently read a Christian novel by Graham Carter that is a sharp reminder of what our enemy tries to do and how we should respond. Don't miss reading Against the Unknown which highlights the truth of Ephesians6 12: "...for our struggle is not against flesh and blood..."

Rita Galieh said...

Thanks Mary, for your insight into this spiritual war.

Graham's book sounds like a good one to push!