Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Picking Up the Pieces

Inspirational romance writer, Paula Vince, answers some interesting questions about her book, Picking Up the Pieces.

What makes Picking up the Pieces special among your books?
I wanted to show that love and forgiveness may come even to somebody who’s sure he’s messed up for all time. Renewal and change of heart can overtake a person who thinks her best days are behind her. It’s always too soon to say, “I’ve ruined my life.” That’s the main message I wanted to come across.

My favourite moment was when it won first prize in the religious fiction section of the International Book Awards in 2011. I like to think this book’s journey isn’t over yet.

What do you remember most about the journey?         At the time of writing, I felt as if I was taking a risk, wondering whether readers would find the ending either shocking or unbelievable. It seemed such an exciting ending to me, I’d been hanging out for it during the whole time I was writing the book. I was anxious to surprise anyone who had borne with the characters for so long and grown fond of them. Overwhelmingly, everybody who gave me feedback seemed to love the way it worked out.

I read her book and was really taken up with its theme of forgiveness...something we all need to share with those who have wronged us. Why not check out her website:  www.paulavince.com

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