Friday, July 5, 2013


First Comes Love... and what else?
Bethany and Scott Palmer saw the need and wrote about it. This duo have hit on a real problem marriage couples face today.

Financial infidelity is any financial decision you make without the knowledge of consent of your partner. Conflicts about money are one of the primary reasons why relationships end. It usually starts with one little half-truth and one little betrayal of trust that leads to the next, and the next.

Couples can end up spending every moment talking about money, fighting about money, crying about money. Or stop talking about it altogether because it's too painful.

In this book they discuss every facet of the problem with such topics as, Discovering Your Money Personality  and When Money Personalities Collide.

The former shows how one is a spendthrift type while the other may be a real cautious saver. And the next explains how difficult it is for these opposites to work this out. However the following chapters point out how couples can understand each other and become more united in money matters.

My take on this is that even when a couple agrees to work together they should be extra careful that accumulating money does not become the main focus of their marriage. Far too many young couples plan to get enough money to be able to have everything, and do everything in order to be fulfilled. Even so the word of Jesus stands true when he said the love of money is the root of evil. It can never be enough and can never satisfy the longing of a soul. Only God  forgiving our sins through Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross can bring true, lasting peace and give our life real purpose.

* Bethany  Palmer graduated from Westmont College in California. She can also say that she is a stage-three breast cancer survivor. She has been in the financial planning industry for more than 18 years.

* Scott Palmer is a Colorado native who is a commercial instrument rated pilot, and an Eagle Scout. Palmer is also a Certified Retirement Specialist, a Certified Senior Advisor, a popular motivational speaker, and a frequent guest on radio and television programs across the country.

FIRST COMES LOVE THEN COMES MONEY  is published by Harper Collins.


Iola Goulton said...

I don't think this is anything new - my husband and I were cautioned about this when we did our pre-marital counselling almost twenty years ago. But this reinforces the importance of having a budget, and including personal money in that budget for both husband and wife - money you don't have to account for, but can save or spend as you see fit.

Margaret Lepke said...

That's so true, Iola. Even when couples come to relationship counselling for other reasons, money matters are often an underlying issue. I haven't read this particular book, but I know how valuable this kind of advice can be. And, as usual, prevention is better than cure :)