Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I found these quaint hints on the web.

When you marry her, love her. 
After you marry her, study her.
When she is blue, cheer her.
When she is talkative, listen to her.
 When she does you a favor, kiss her.
If she is jealous, cure her. If she is lonely, comfort her. When she looks pretty, tell her so.
Let her feel how well you understand.   
But never let her know she isn't boss.
When you marry him, love him. 
After you marry him, study him.  
If he is secretive, trust him. 
If he is sad, cheer him.
When he is talkative, listen to him.
If he is jealous, cure him.
When he deserves it, kiss him.
Let him think how well you understand him.
But never let him know that you manage him.
Whether you agree or not, there's a lot of wisdom in these old sayings.
But every marriage is going to last if the couple invite Jesus to be a guide in their life. 

1 comment:

Margaret Lepke said...

Truly so true... (except for the management bit in the lives of Christians :)
Good advice, when heeded, never goes astray. Thanks, Rita!