Thursday, August 15, 2013


It seems this is the current idea. Many couples believe they can only know if a marriage will work if they live together first.

I often view THE FIVE on Fox News channel where co-host, Andrea Tantaros, and five journalists and TV personalities air their views on every current topic imaginable. Andrea is also host on her own nationally syndicated radio show.

Andrea Tantaros gave her thoughts on remaining single until committing herself to the right marriage partner. She did not agree with the concept of 'try before you buy' and 'test drive'. It was refreshing to hear a young woman stand for her beliefs. She said too many men won't bother to go the extra step of marriage if they're already sleeping with their partner and they only view the commitment of the marriage bond as simply signing a meaningless piece of paper. She also quoted statistics that said many of those who don't bother with marriage will leave their partner looking for fresh experiences.
Co-Host of  THE FIVE hit show
 The Washington Times has called her "the most pragmatic personality on 'The Five'... who has already had a lifetime of experience despite only being in her 30s. Andrea's calm, yet reasoned personality mixed with a quick tongue and biting sense of humor make her a powerful presence."

Tantaros has hard-won experience in radio, as a syndicated columnist for the NY Daily News, on campaigns and on Capitol Hill. In her career she has served in senior communications roles on a number of high-profile political campaigns. Tantaros is also credited with helping former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Thomas Reynolds secure a narrow re-election victory during the scandal-plagued 2006 election cycle.

Prior to that, Tantaros worked on Capitol Hill where she served as press secretary to Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives. Before Fox News recruited her, Tantaros served as a vice president at a public affairs firm in Manhattan where she advised Fortune 500 corporations on crisis management and media strategy.

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Margaret Lepke said...

So glad someone prominent is standing up for what most want to tear down. The One who created us surely knows what is best for us - that is why He instituted marriage. For those who take it seriously, it is both a blessing and an anchor through the storms of life. PS, I speak from experience, both as a counselor and a wife :)