Friday, August 2, 2013


"As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me." Matthew 25:40

This small child with a painful skin disease spent the first three years of her life within the walls of a children's hospital. 

One Sunday, Pat Rich heard her pastor preach on being a servant. He said, 'Sometimes God wants us to do a special job for Him - a job no one else would do.' She felt this was a direct message from God and knew that in taking little Lou, she would be doing something special for Jesus.

At the time, Pat was a mother of eight with five children still at home. And in the eleven brief weeks she lived with the Rich family, Lou looked on Pat as 'Mum'. The family realized Lou had a short life expectancy, but were determined to show her the love of Jesus and make her life as happy  as they could.

On the other hand, this meant the necessary daily bathing of her seeping sores, causing her distress, and then bandaging her limbs. They dressed her in the prettiest clothes making Lou feel special, and even more, loved for simply who she was. Pat's children had a big part to play in this. They wheeled her around outside in her stroller, introducing her to the big world outside that she had never known. They loved her and cared for her and Lou responded. For the first time, her bubbly personality asserted itself. Everyone who met her grew fond of this little mite.

Pat wrote her touching story and reveals she believes Lou was God's special little messenger to her own family. Each of her children had been blessed to be able to minister to this dear child in their own way. She will live in their hearts forever.

What a beautiful, inspirational story of strong, lasting love given in Jesus' name.

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Heart-rending. I could do so much more...