Friday, November 29, 2013


A lovely Thank You
Peter and Christine have known each other for 
years. In fact they both used to attend the same 
church in the same city until each went their 
separate ways.  

They dated once but nothing came of that. Peter 
moved to a southern suburb and Christine joined 
a faith ministry, Gospel Literature Outreach, and
lived and worked in their northern headquarters.

Chris found her busy life fulfilling with travel and 
special friendships she made in the course of her 
work. However as time passed she wondered if 
she would always remain as a single. She decided 
after praying about it, that if she hadn't found 
the right person by the time she reached a certain 
age, then she'd accept that as being a part of God's 
plan for her life.

A day or so after that birthday came she received 
a call from ... Peter! He actually remembered her 
birthday and made contact again.

This time around they both felt at ease with each other and their relationship developed until Peter asked Christine to be his wife.

It was a great pleasure for our church folk to attend the beautiful wedding on a fine day in May.  It is wonderful to see the way this mature couple has found true happiness together at last.

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