Friday, November 15, 2013


This touching story was written by an author familiar with life in the American West. Her research into the way things were in the "olden days" is impeccable. Her descriptions of the Colorado landscape and some of its rough diamond characters made me feel as if I were there as an onlooker.

Short Description

Sixteen-year-old outlaw Jeremiah Rebourn is on his way to Yuma Prison. After Indians attack the prison wagon and force it over a bluff, he awakes to find himself the captive of a mysterious old man. For two long years, he digs gold out of the tunnel as a prisoner. 

Author A.J. Hawke
Even after he regains his freedom, the experience leaves him traumatized and he wanders until he finds a place at the mountain ranch of Elisha and Susana Evans. It takes him years to recover from his ordeal. Finally, he has his own ranch; and he meets Emily and marries her. But when a terrible secret is revealed that ties his beloved Emily to the trauma of his past, it threatens to destroy all that he has managed to make of his life. Can he forgive enough to move forward? Will he and Emily be able to turn to God  to rebuild their marriage?

This author touches on the psychological effects of trauma and how other caring Christians can help.

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