Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special Announcement

Lucy Morgan-Jones
I really want to share this news about one of our Facebook friends, with her permission. We read the following in her own words:

WARNING: Romance Alert!

We've had a few exciting changes in our household lately, so now is the time to make an announcement!!

Quite a few months ago an old school friend looked me up on Facebook. We knew each other when we were 14 & 15 and used to hang out at school, play computer games...and he used to bring me roses (cos friends do that, right??). We reconnected and picked up the friendship straight away, chatting on F/book, sharing funny links, and then texting. Our first phone call was over 4 hrs long and neither of us was stuck for things to chat about. As the weeks went by, we both found more and more things we admired about each other, and our phone calls grew longer and longer (including a few where we literally talked all night!).

You guessed it, we fell in love and when he drove nearly 24 hrs straight to visit us that bond only grew.
After meeting his family, and many excitingly negotiated conversations later we are planning to be married sometime in March!! A move for us is on the cards, with mid February the most likely date.

 So, who is this man who has captured my heart you might ask?
*pause for sappy sigh* His name is David, aka Dave Thompson. A 6' 1", hard working, Trade Assistant from central Qld. Quirky in humor, big in heart, he loves Jesus, animals, country living, cool science stuff, and is ridiculously romantic. Did I mention he's brave... Who else would take on a romance writer who is a single mum with four rambunctious children!

So, please pray for us as we move, merge households, and for the future we'll have together. Thanks for being part of the journey!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us Lucy. We wish you and Dave the Lord's richest blessings as you begin your new life together.

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