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People often think of the Victorians as stodgy and repressed. But in the early part of Victoria’s reign, a better description might be energetic, inquiring, and multi-talented. England was rising to a position of world prominence in trade, manufacturing, and colonization. Their industry and inventiveness was incredible. The worlds of science were opening up in ways never before imagined. The future seemed full of enormous promise.

Jennifer's novels are never sexually explicit yet contain that tension between her hero and heroine who are attracted to each other. This author has also won the Holt Medallion Award.

She says:
When I was in high school I discovered the romantic suspense novels of Mary Stewart. I reread them all multiple times. So many of her books were set in fascinating locales like Greece and France, and I believe they forever sealed my conviction that romance and adventure go hand in hand. (The fact that I met my future husband while we were both on an assignment in the Pacific Northwest naturally confirms this.)

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I always write my novels in this intriguing era, but usually the late Victorian 1890s.

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