Thursday, March 13, 2014


A bride read this letter to her husband on their wedding day.
'I am only right here and right now because you could see all that God created me to be and all
that I will be because of your immense love for me.
You are:
•the most patient
•the most considerate
•the most compassionate
•the most kindest
And above all the most forgiving human being I have ever come to know.
Your perseverance, persistence and patience combined with the belief that I would be completely yours one day has come to fruition.
I don’t know of any other man that would have lasted this kind of waiting period apart from my father.
You have won my heart and now I am yours completely.
You bring me security, inspiration and encouragement. Because of your love I can stand confident.
Your faith, hope and love transcends beyond this world and I now can say have had a glimpse of heaven.
Because of you by my side now my life is so fulfilled and complete.
You are Amazing!
You are my King Solomon.
A man who is a limitless visionary! A man who knows what he believes in and what he
stands for. And because you know where you are going I want to go with you right by your side no matter
what life throws at us.
I will never falter in giving you honour, love and respect. I will hold you and carry you for the rest of my life until my dying breath.
I truly love you!'

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Margaret Lepke said...

What a lovely, lovely promise - to be fulfilled by relying on God's love and strength.