Thursday, March 6, 2014

South Africans in Thailand

I first met Herman and Charmaine Grundlingh in Koh Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand.

They are South Africans who are serving the Lord there. I asked about how they first met and was it instant attraction?

They laughed as they explained it was anything but! At the time both were attending theological college and majoring in performing arts. Charmaine was in her first year while Herman was in his second year.

Neither liked the other, but in the wisdom of their lecturers, they were told they would just have to learn to get along together. And that was that. Perhaps they had misconceptions about each other, but as they adjusted to the normal routine of drama etc. they discovered a mutual respect.

Their campus was part of a farm and they went on to tell me that one night they were asked to help out and stay while one of the cows was giving birth to its calf. Apparently it was a long labour and as they waited, they talked together. Perhaps that was the reason the leader asked them both...knowing this would give them uninterrupted time to get to know one another.

Charmain said that's when their relationship was truly born. They found they had so many beliefs and ideas in common. Herman had a difficult time in his teens. His father left home and he became part of the drug scene, but when he came to trust in the Lord Jesus as his personal Saviour things changed. That was one reason why he attended learn more about his faith.

Charmain planned their wedding which was held in a rural area. Her bridesmaids gave a lovely presentation by dancing ahead of her as she walked to Herman on her father's arm. The ceremony was was as simple as it was beautiful.

I expect to hear news of their first born any time now.

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