Friday, May 9, 2014

MOTHERS' DAY TRIBUTE - Life's Tapestry

How I miss my dear mum!
This is me singing a song I wrote as a tribute to her because of my Christian upbringing. I have often sung this song on Mother's Day. I can still remember the expression on her face when she heard me sing it for the first time.

Life's Tapestry

There's a pattern to Life with its joys and its strife
And we each have our work here to do.
Like a tapestry planned by the Master's own Hand
From each mistake we learn something new.

How it all floods my memory. Was that little child really me?
With my needle and thread, making mistakes instead as I worked on my first tapestry....

Then my mother reached down, "What a lesson you've learned." And she smiled as she dried up my tears. "Dearest child listen well, on mistakes you can't dwell or all your life you'll have heartaches and fears. For the Lord that we love sent His Son from above, and He died on that old rugged tree. And the blood that was shed, like a beautiful thread through the pattern of Life sets us free."

Who nows what my future will be?... His Design I can't always see,
Yet strand by strand,  He is guiding my hand as I work on my life's tapestry.

My dear mum is with the Lord now and one day we'll be reunited when Jesus calls us Home.
That's why He came to earth, to teach us how to live. He forgives our sins and offers us true salvation by believing on His death on the cross where He offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. 

Thank you Jesus 

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