Thursday, May 29, 2014


Two dear friends of min, Ken and Lyn Overton have walked this road with Jesus during their marriage.They both honoured those marriage vows they made way back in 1975.

They have both struggled with unforeseen health issues and both were at the brink of death, but they were each aware that Jesus walked through those waters with them. And held the towering waves of devastation at bay.

Paul O'Rourke captured their amazing story and named it appropriately: Where There's Life, There's Hope. 
I have read this book a couple of times and  never cease to be moved and encouraged by the devotion of this couple to each other and to the Lord Jesus, their Saviour.

2004. To quote from the book:  "The doctor who treated Lyn, DR Craig Bowker, said she was the first person he had seen to have survived such serious complications from a blood clot causing heart failure and a stroke. Lyn's recovery has been to my mind miraculous of that I have no doubt."

2009. And surgeon Dr James Roberts-Thomson said Ken's recovery was miraculous. "Ken had only a 10% chance of survival when he was diagnosed, and his chances of recovery halved as a result of the many complications he encountered."

But survive they did, even if after such suffering and testing of their faith. Both said their experiences had drawn them closer to each other and most of all to God. Ken says, "Life is fragile and we are very aware that we are guaranteed only this moment. Despite our remarkable healing, one day we are still going to die, but it's God who holds our breath and still does."

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