Friday, July 18, 2014

God Introduced Them

Nadege and Joshua still can't figure out how God "accidently" introduced them.

Nadege is a French girl who spent four years in London then returned home. But with her drinking problem she decided to return to writing to help her out of ever the present loneliness and depression. In researching names for her characters she came across "Joshua" and found its meaning. Salvation.

One lunch hour before her computer, a singles meeting app popped up. She says she was over looking for a boyfriend at that stage because most guys had let her down. But the name of the person was ...Joshua. She smiled. Curious, she looked him up and discovered he lived in the US! That puzzled her because she was only registered in Paris.

However, Nadege sent him a basic message like "How is it in California?" Later on he answered and then they sent daily messages to each other. But when he told about his family etc, she doubted it could be true and thought maybe one of her friends was joking with her. But then through their continuing friendship on Skype she realized he was genuine.

Joshua shared with her that he was 'born again'. She didn't know what that meant because she was raised as a Catholic. They began reading the Bible together and he explained that Jesus was the living Lord who died for us, taking the penalty for our sins. And that we needed to have a personal belief in Him and accept Him as Lord of our life. Nadege saw her need of a Savior and committed her life to Jesus. Joshua asked her to marry him and they were married in Paris.

Now five years later and living in America, Nadege adds, "God has blessed us with three amazing children and we both, in the short time we were married, have gone through trials and hard times, but also amazing moments, and I know that if it wasn't for Jesus being the anchor of our lives and marriage, we might have given up on each other, but we never did and never will. Our Christian faith has made us stronger."

Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us Nadege.   
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Rita for telling our stories :) It is amazing to see God's works in our lives and He can change people and turn our lives around. Thank you for sharing our stories, I pray it will bless others <3