Friday, March 20, 2015


Uluru, Northern Territory
My friend, Nolene, shares:

I first met Garry on a Christian

Travel coach tour through Central Australia and Queensland.  My first impressions of Garry were not very favourable - I thought he was loud and unruly and not my type!   
However, after he gave a short devotion around the campfire one night I saw a different side to him.   He was the life of the party on the coach and kept us all entertained with his humour throughout our 3 week trip.  We didn’t start dating until after the Tour Reunion, when I finally had the courage to invite him to a Rotaract Dinner/Dance - we went together and the rest, as they say, is history.  But it wasn’t all plain sailing as we did have a split after about 18 months of dating.  I questioned where our relationship was heading and, at that point, Garry wasn’t ready to make a commitment, so we went our separate ways.  After a month of praying and questioning God I decided to write a letter to Garry asking if we could start over again.  Right then he was away on holiday in Tasmania, but when he rang home and was told that there was a letter waiting for him from me, he says he instinctively knew what was in it without having to read it.  He went to a picturesque mountain area to pray for God’s guidance.   

When he returned to Sydney we arranged to meet up that same day.  We went for a drive into the country and discussed what God’s plans might be for our future.  We stopped at a lookout and sat in the car and prayed together as a couple, for the first time.  

In our time apart, God had taught us that we needed to make Him the centre of our relationship and, to this very day, we have continued to read His Word and pray together every day.

After 34 years we returned to Uluru on a road trip around Australia with our car and caravan.  We could give thanks to God for bringing us together and blessing us with a strong marriage built on a firm foundation - the Lord Jesus Christ, a comfortable home, two wonderful Christian children who are serving the Lord with their spouses, and two adorable Grandchildren.

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