Friday, April 10, 2015


Although a commonplace occurrence in many countries, it rarely happens in Australia. My friend, Hanaa shares her story:

I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and grew up in a Christian family. As a young woman and a believer, I taught Sunday School in Soul Salvation Assembly.

Meanwhile Moheb, a young man from my church, emigrated to Australia to live and work there for two years with his family. Believing it was time he got married, his mother and sister advised him to return to Egypt to find a Christian wife. It happened that my father and his father worked together at the Alexandria Water Board so they mentioned my name to him.

After Moheb visited my family, he approached the elders in the church about being engaged to me. But before they agreed, they checked whether he would make a good husband by contacting his church elders back in Australia. Only then did they agree, and we had our engagement party. Then they encouraged us to get married in Egypt. And with God's blessing, we were married there.

We were parted when Moheb travelled back to Australia to get a working visa for me. And one wonderful day I was able to come to Australia to live with him. We have been married for twenty-nine years and have two good boys who have grown into manhood. Our trust in is Jesus and now I still enjoy teaching Scripture in many schools with my Christian brothers and sisters at the Campbelltown Christian Community Church.

Thank you so much, Hanaa, to hear how God blessed your life.

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