Thursday, April 16, 2015


This is a cover for my latest book, an inspirational historical romance.

The Victorian Era fascinates me.
Everything about its customs and the real life stories from that age is enough to inspire me to write fiction about what could have been.

Arranged marriages were often quite acceptable. But what would happen to a young woman if that was not the case? So this is what my story, The Tie That Binds, covers.

It hasn't come off the presses yet, but in several days I hope to hold the very first proof copy in my hand. All the hard work has been done now I wait. I know many folk have been waiting for this second book of a trilogy. And the next book, A Parcel of Promises is being edited as of now. It will follow this soon after.

Everything can change in a heartbeat.

Mayfair London, 1859
All is well in the well-to-do Cantrell household until its scheming mistress begins to act on her self-serving plans.
Forced into the security of an arranged marriage and an uncertain future of eloping with her heart's desire, Charlotte Cantrell's faith and integrity are tested to the limit. Either choice threatens dire consequences to everyone she holds dear, and even as she hovers over her decision, she knows that once made it will affect the entire course of her life.

Only an unforeseen event can rescue Charlotte from personal tragedy and forsaken dreams.


Mary Hawkins said...

What a beautiful cover, Rita!
Am really looking forward to another of your books.
Are you having a launch for this book?

Wendy Sargeant said...

I look forward to reading this, Rita!

Rita Galieh said...

Thanks Mary & Wendy, I can;t wait til it;s in my hot little hand!