Friday, May 15, 2015


Glenys Wright says that John is still her best friend and continues to make her feel special.

I think it's nice to hear a girl make that particular statement after 45 years of marriage!

She shares how they met:

I first was aware of John when I was in my early teens. At the time I was with a group of girls who attended a Sunday school which was an outreach of  the larger Bankstown Gospel Chapel. And from there we were encouraged to attend the morning church service. This young man caught my eye and I liked him from the start.

However, he was three years older than I - a big difference at that age - therefore I'm sure I didn't even appear on his radar! In fact John was considered a bit of a 'larrikin' by the church elders. He had his own car and screeched the tires coming to and from church.

Being extremely shy and lacking self esteem, I was caught unawares when John asked me out. I was only sixteen at the time and he managed to make me feel very special. We continued on as a couple before John finally asked me to marry him. As I had just turned seventeen, he first asked permission from my parents.

We were married in 1969 and like most married couples we have had our ups and downs. However we have been so blessed by God as we have two grown children and two beautiful grandsons, Mitchell and Jayden. And after so many years of marriage I still say John remains my best friend.

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