Friday, May 22, 2015


Dorothy was shocked. She's just been informed on her first     date with a young man that he'd been specifically praying for the Lord to reveal His will about marriage to HER!

This followed several months of his letters and phone calls, but she hadn't expected anything like this. A marriage proposal when she hadn't ever thought of him that way? Although convinced that marriage to the one whom God would lead her to, she thought it kinder to let him down gently. Saying she'd give it some thought, she wrote some days later. She assured Fred she had nothing personal against him, but believed they'd be nothing more than  'just friends'.

Even though saddened at her reply, he answered and told her he'd continue praying about it. This troubled Dorothy because of her unwillingness to bring God into their situation. Consequently she also began to pray about this. Was he God's choice?

Some months later, they met by chance, said a brief 'hello' to each other and moved on. Well, Dorothy admitted she could not believe her strong emotional reaction to that brief encounter. Her whole attitude had completely changed.

But what about Fred? After so much time had passed, had he lost interest? Ah, she forgot about his persistence in praying about her. And it wasn't too much longer before she welcomed his attentions again. They discovered so much in common and each were convinced that God had put the love in their hearts for each other in the first place.

 These two shared a great marriage. 'Not perfect,' Dorothy adds, 'because we're imperfect humans, But our marriage was one of working together, supporting and caring for each other and the three children with whom we were blessed.'

I attend the same community church with Dorothy. And her son is our pastor.
Thanks for sharing, my friend. 

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