Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is God Interested in Who We Marry?

Still making harmony after thirty years
Al & Judy would say Yes, Amen, and Hallelujah!

Each had a desire to find the partner that God would have for them. Judy was a country pastor's daughter, who moved with her parents each time her dad was called to a new country pastorate. Yet all the while Al lived near the seaside. So these two Aussies were very far removed from each other.

Judy has an outgoing personality and chose a career in teaching. Al will tell you he was quite an introvert as a young boy, yet the Lord led him into a position as Human Resources Manager of a nationwide Mens' Clothing store. When Judy lived alone, she would spend each Sunday afternoon praying for the Lord to let her find someone to love. It wasn't easy to watch, as her friends, one by one, got married and began a new life together. Al also asked the Lord to lead him to the one who would be willing to share her life with him. But it didn't seem to be happening. So what finally brought them together?

The Lord used their musical gifts to link them. Al was fully involved with a Baptist Youth Choir and then The Young World Singers group which regularly appeared for four years on Australian Christian Television. After his stint with them he became involved with leading choirs by invitation in various churches. By this time Judy had moved to the Blue Mountains and at the same time a combined churches choir was formed for the specific purpose of performing a half hour of Easter Hymns on ABC radio. And there she met Al.

A couple of months later Al asked Judy to dinner, and as Judy says, "It was as if we had known each other forever! He was a keen Christian, and that was most important to me. He was a singer and I was a pianist. God's choice and timing was perfect!"

And she goes on to say, "After thirty years and four wonderful sons later, we can only thank the Lord for His abundant blessings. He has done more than I could imagine even in my wildest dreams. We share the closest and most amazing life together. We have gone through life's problems and difficulties, but know the Lord is daily molding us into His Likeness"


Rita Galieh said...

Al and Judy also are part of the Communication Radio team, so we enjoy some great fellowship!

Margaret Lepke said...

Those who are still waiting for their soul mate will certainly appreciate this post. So many young Christians find this situation to be a very hard test of their faith. I will pass it on to encourage others. Keep up the good work in the Lord, Rita!