Thursday, May 19, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Darren, George, Jess & Baby Shaniqua
That's what they say, but does it work out in real life? According to a South Australian father and son, it really has.

Darren first came to the Lord as a young child, under my husband's ministry. The combined churches crusade was held in an Adelaide Shopping Mall. He later made a commitment as an adult and following that went to study at the Capernwray Bible College in Canada. As many young people do today, Darren found his soul mate, Jess, on the Internet.

At the time, Jess actually lived in Sydney, Australia, but originally came from South America. Although separated and oceans apart, these keen young Christians felt secure in the knowledge that the Lord had led them together and they married on Darren's return. In time the Lord blessed them with a beautiful baby girl.

Now Darren's dad, Jim, had Irish/Scottish parents and he was born in Chicago, Illinois. When his mum died, he was only two, and some time later his dad remarried and migrated with his family to Australia. In his twenties Jim found a common bond with Betty as both attended their Church's youth group. These young people travelled around to minister in country areas. But with stricter upbringing in those days, pressure was brought to bear and they broke up their friendship. With sore hearts each prayed that if they were meant to be together, God would show them clearly. Many months passed, and then a further two years of separation as Jim attended Emmaus Bible College. Yet their love grew stronger and after they finally married, they felt the call to grow churches. And during some forty years of marriage and tough times in ministry they say the Lord taught them "stickability". They have proved over and over that as they brought everything to God in prayer they could persevere in His Strength.


Margaret Lepke said...

Wow, two marriages directed by God in the one post! It's always a blessing to read how God works in relationships that are dedicated to Him.

Rita Galieh said...

It's just so encouraging, Marg. And I love to see God's blessing in their lives!